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As it says in the description, it is indeed a photoshop. The reason for this is that while yes I have found a way to mod the main menu, it is not complete to the point that I can show you. I need to polish the main menu a little more, but it generally looks like this.



The actual main menu isn't completed yet but I would like to show you a preview. While I did make it in Photoshop, it gives you a basic idea of how I want the main menu to look like. What I want from everyone is suggestions, and if possible tell me what you think of the current plan. (NOTE: That picture just shows what the very first frame of what the menu will look like. The camera actually zooms in closer to Azeroth). The background is a placeholder as we will actually have an animated background. The planet is supposed to be Azeroth. As you can see there is a login section now. Basically, in Warcraft IV you have to login to your profile with a password.

All of the above changes are optional (activate them by checking their boxes on the mod menu). The IE mod also adds console commands that modders (or cheaters) will enjoy. You can get the details of these commands, a download link, and instructions on the mod's page, and the mod also has an entry on

However, there in a convenient location for you to get access to and read in-game. Currently, there are 33 achievements & challenges currently listed in the menu. Getting 100% completion may prove a difficult task!

Whilst in either the home menu or the actual game, open the options menu. Do so by either pressing Start on a controller or ESC on PC. Choose Options, and then the Achievements button located near the bottom left of the menu.

I wrote the main menu music theme in this fine and premium mod for warcraft 3. Its a dark music track with some epic orchestral arrangements and electronic beats. This track will feature in an upcoming mod for the game, somewhere in 2014 or so.

Both the front and rear Eternity hubs have notable features but the biggest news resides out back. \nThe vast majority of modern four-bearing rear hubs use the same layout with one cartridge at either end of the hub shell to support the axle, and then two more way out on the driveside for the freehub body. Much like Easton has done with its new Echo hubs, however, Boyd\u2019s new Eternity rear hub instead supports the axle at the very ends, which puts less stress on the axle and, at least in theory, yields a stiffer wheel overall.\n\n The internal layout on the boyd cycling eternity hubset is fundamentally different from most four-bearing rear hubs. normally, the axle is primarily supported at the non-driveside end and somewhere roughly in the middle. on the eternity, it\u2019s supported at the very ends \u2013 where it should be:\nInstead of supporting the axle primarily at the non-driveside end and roughly in the middle, the new Eternity hubset pushes the main axle bearings all the way out to the ends\nThe freehub body spins on its own pair of cartridge bearings as usual but not directly on the main axle like with conventional hubs. As on the Easton, the Eternity freehub rotates around its own completely separate, extra-oversized stub axle. In this case, Boyd uses a precision-machined aluminum tube that is screwed into the hub shell whereas Easton integrates the extension as part of the hub shell itself.\nIn addition to providing better axle support, this so-called \u2018Dual Axle Design\u2019 also brings with it a big bonus feature: greatly reduced drag. Since the freehub body bearings rotate on a stub axle that\u2019s rigidly screwed into the hub shell, they only spin when the rider is coasting. This means that only two main axle bearings are in motion while pedaling, which cuts the bearing drag roughly in half without having to resort to costly ceramics.\n\n Boyd\u2019s \u2018dual axle design\u2019 features a second oversize stub axle that threads into the hub shell. the freehub body rotates only around this axle, which means that only bearings are spinning when the rider is pedaling. bearing drag is thus cut almost in half without having to resort to expensive ceramics:\nSince the freehub body rotates on its own stub axle that is connected to the hub shell, only two bearings are spinning when the rider is pedaling\nEven the freehub body itself is worthy of mention. Rather than machine it out of aluminum (which is light but prone to scarring from cassette cogs), Boyd uses titanium driver made with a proprietary injection molding process. According to company owner Boyd Johnson, this not only makes for a more durable part but one that\u2019s more economical to produce than one with traditional manufacturing techniques while also generating less waste.\n\u201cIt\u2019s just like injection molding plastic but with titanium,\u201d he said. \u201cIt\u2019s 99.5 percent done straight out of the mold.\u201d\nThat freehub body is then fitted with two pairs of slightly offset pawls, which combine with the 32-tooth ratchet ring to yield an impressively quick 5.6-degree engagement speed (faster than most mountain bike hubs). \n\n The freehub body is driven by two sets of slightly offset pawls. combined with the 32-tooth ratchet ring, you get a speedy 5.6-degree engagement:\nOffset pawls and a 32-tooth ratchet ring yield a responsive 5.6-degree engagement speed\nBoth the front and rear hubs have a few additional features that Johnson claims to improve wheel stiffness and durability.\nInstead of using end caps that lightly press into shortened axles, Boyd uses one-piece oversized aluminum axles that extend all the way from dropout to dropout. Both hubs use angular contact cartridge bearings, too, which are pushed far out near the ends of the axle and are more tolerant of side load than typical radial cartridges. Meanwhile, threaded collars allow for perfect bearing adjustment.\nJohnson has also pushed the spokes far apart for better bracing angles, with 80mm between the front hub flanges and 56mm out back. For comparison, DT Swiss\u2019s widely used 240s hubs measure 70mm and 50mm, respectively.\n\n Boyd cycling\u2019s new eternity hub uses one-piece axles that span the full width of the fork and rear dropouts:\nOne-piece axles span the full width of the fork tips and rear dropouts, thus eliminating the potential flex of slide-fit end caps\nBoyd Cycling will build the new Eternity hubs into a revamped range of complete wheelsets. Front wheels will be built with radial spokes while the rears will be laced two-cross on both sides. Johnson says that the rear spoke tension could have been further evened out with a two-to-one lacing pattern but not without a performance cost.\n\u201cI like double-crossing both sides,\u201d he said. \u201cI\u2019m a bigger fan of torque transfer than tension balance. I think it feels better. If you radial lace one side, you take away 15 percent of your torque transfer. Reynolds and Zipp have both gone away from radial lacing on the rears.\u201d\nBoyd plans to sell the standalone Eternity hubset aftermarket, too, and is also open to doing custom designs for other wheel brands (including two-to-one lacing). Retail price is a rather hefty US$580 but that\u2019s inline with other made-in-USA hubs such as those from Industry Nine. \n\n Boyd cycling will build the new eternity hubset into a wide range of wheelsets. the new hubs will also be available aftermarket or built-to-order for other wheel companies:\nEternity hubs will be built into complete Boyd Cycling wheelsets but they will also be available aftermarket\nFor now, Eternity will only be available in quick-release fitments but Johnson says thru-axle versions are currently in development and should be done later this year.\nFor more information, visit","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/\/production\/volatile\/sites\/21\/2019\/03\/1425683991917-5kov9xs0dtcz-918a4fc.jpg?quality=90&resize=768,574","width":768,"height":574,"headline":"New Boyd Cycling Eternity hubset announced at NAHBS","author":["@type":"Person","name":"James Huang"],"publisher":"@type":"Organization","name":"BikeRadar","url":"https:\/\/","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/\/production\/volatile\/sites\/21\/2019\/03\/cropped-White-Orange-da60b0b-04d8ff9.png?quality=90&resize=265,53","width":182,"height":60,"speakable":"@type":"SpeakableSpecification","xpath":["\/html\/head\/title","\/html\/head\/meta[@name='description']\/@content"],"url":"https:\/\/\/news\/new-boyd-cycling-eternity-hubset-announced-at-nahbs\/","datePublished":"2015-03-06T03:56:00+00:00","dateModified":"2019-05-10T10:02:27+00:00"}] New Boyd Cycling Eternity hubset announced at NAHBS Ultra-wide bearing and flange spacing, one-piece axles and low friction

Ok, i think i fixed it guys, eternity was right, u should remove ALL DBXV2 from your directory, ALL, and redownload from steam, if u do a fresh installation and not an update from the old version to the new one should work, for me at least it worked and i dont get anymore an error, so you should redownload xenoverse2 and install the patcher, for me it worked

Hi eternity, i would like an option to extract a character from a slot of the game into an .x2m file. i need it to extract some character i have in game and re install it later. after all the tools you make this one would be super easy for someone expert like you

hello eternity i got a problem when i open xv2ins it says i gotta set the game path, I go to the bin folder and choose DBXV2 then i get this problem it says, this game version (1.140) is not compatible with this version of the patcher.Min version required is: 1.191

Once the slots are unlocked, you will want to install crystals into them to gain stat bonuses and unlock skills and spells. Exactly which abilities are skills and which are spells is not indicated, though I did eventually notice in the Equipment, quite separate from the Crystal menu, what the "Primary Stat" is for abilities. According to the Character menu with its explanation of stats, Attack increases the damage of physical attacks and skills while Magic amplifies spells. Without clearly identifying which is which, it makes it hard to know which stat one should focus on for a character, and while the "Primary Stat" information helps, I can see one identified as Attack while the ability itself is labelled a spell, implying Magic. I am hardly done with criticizing this situation, but you can see how confused and messy this is already. 041b061a72


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