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About Us

Hands on farming for all

We are a community farm offering volunteering opportunities to people of ALL ages. 

Everyone is welcome whether you are a young person exploring the possibilities of a future working with animals, a family looking to buy pigs for meat and wanting to learn how to keep them or an older person who has always wanted to hand milk a goat.

We operate a monthly membership subscription that then gives you access to all we do at the farm

See our membership here

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Our Story

The story of Level Land is the story of its name.

There are some calls for justice that have not yet been answered and in 1649, Gerard Winstanley, the leader of the True Levellers said, ‘Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men should live at ease.. or was it made to preserve all her children?’. His vision was a of communities learning the craft of food production and sitting down ‘to eat their bread together’.

We are the New Levellers and are part of a growing voice that says that we can save our planet by changing what and how we eat. We continue the Levellers call for affordable accessible land for the people and we learn together the craft of the peasant so that we can grow and eat our own food together.

Our Animals

Our animals change all the time as we expand and grow but these are some of them...

Our Volunteers

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