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Level Land Farm Community Interest Company

The Mission of Level Land

To bring people back to an understanding of our human connection with the natural world  and the animals and plants that sustain our life.

To bring farming to the heart of our communities and encourage and set up community farms; giving real and life enhancing opportunities for people of all ages to learn animal husbandry and horticulture.

To give people the opportunity of encountering the wonder of large farm animals and an appreciation of the cost of ethical and sustainable meat production.

To promote and understanding of nutrition and sustainable food production by 'field to plate' education for health living.

To relearn the skills of farming on a small scale and promoting and supporting small scale animal ownership for dairy, meat and recreation. 

To create spaces for community cohesion through volunteering and mutual sharing increasing mental health resilience and  wellbeing.

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Our motivation

The environmental crisis of our time requires systemic change in order for us to achieve the goals of environmental protection and the reversal of climate change. We believe that this must begin with the food that we eat. In order for the current farming, distribution and consumption of food to be both ethically and practically transformed, a radical new approach to education, production and economics is needed, and we seek to be an essential part of this revolution.


To sit down and eat the food we have produced ourselves....... Together.

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