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A time of reflection and rest


Advent leaflet

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In this time of great uncertainty and fear there are some things that everyone of us can do to take control of our own lives and actions. We have the strength and wisdom to know that our lives can only be fulfilled and joyful if we are living for others ,and this Advent we can  do that. Jesus said ‘Love God and Love your neighbour’ and in that lies our wellbeing.

This Leaflet is based on the CAFOD Live Simply campaign that is inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ which calls the church to repentance, prayer and action with regards to the environmental catastrophe that approaches.

As we come together as churches in this time of fasting for Advent so the call to Live Simply is an inspiration and a challenge.

From the encyclical…

# 232 Around community actions, relationships develop or are recovered and a new social fabric emerges. Thus, a  community can break out of the indifference induced by consumerism. These actions cultivate a shared identity, with a story which can be remembered and handed on. In this way, the world, and the quality of life of the poorest, are cared for, with a sense of solidarity which is at the same time aware that we live in a common home which God has entrusted to us. These community actions, when they express self-giving love, can also become intense spiritual experiences.

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Advent service

Thursday December 3rd 5pm

All welcome



Holy Time

What does it really mean to STOP?


Contemplative Prayer

Fridays at 4pm at the Market

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A theological reflection

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