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New Year Resolutions By Rev Rosie Deedes

It is the start of the year, and the time when some of us make resolutions. If you are anything like me, these resolutions may last until the middle of January but generally by February I have forgotten about them altogether!

I find that I am more likely to stick to a resolution if I have told other people about it, or better still if I can make it with other people, as a joint effort; committing myself to an idea with a group motivates me and helps challenge me to stick to what I have set out to do because I am not doing it on my own or just for my own benefit.

The word resolution can mean a decision made by a group which they then act upon to make happen. In St Mary’s over these past few months, inspired by indomitable priest-in-charge Ali Morley, a group of interested people resolved to provide a space within the local Brading community which promotes ethical purchasing and sustainable living. St Mary’s market has been the result.

At the market we want to help each other understand what it really means to – “live simply so others may simply live.” These words of Mahatma Gandhi were not only a mantra for the people of India in the last century but are a prophetic message to the whole world today as we face the catastrophic consequences of climate change as well as the devasting impact of covid 19.

At St Mary’s we want to educate ourselves about these issues. We want to become more considerate and concerned to act in ways that don’t destroy the habitats and homes of creatures which are under threat of extinction. We want to support and empower each other in lifestyle choices which are less harmful and more compassionate towards our local and global neighbours. We want to underpin our thinking and acting with prayerful reflection and discernment.

We are excited by the resolutions we are making together at St Mary’s and we invite others to join us in making them too. These resolutions are not just for the new year, or for this year, they are for life - the continuing life of the planet, the ongoing lives of future generations.

Changes happened in the world in 2020 - ones that we did not anticipate or expect; positive changes can happen in 2021 if we commit ourselves to make them happen.

So how do we do this? We make new resolutions – not on our own, but together, believing and praying that what we do will make a difference, for as Gandhi also said:

We must be the change we wish to see.

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