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Fairy Tree Mindfulness... by Judith (one of our Eco Market Volunteers)

I think it is absolutely amazing that so many people now collect rubbish from St Helens beach. I recently read that since the David Attenborough documentary, several tons have been removed from the ocean. Fantastic!

Do you go past the Fairy Tree on the Duver on your way to the beach? It is a wonderful idea, and children love it, and now let us me mindful.

I went past the fairy tree on my walk to the beach yesterday. It is covered in plastic dingle dangles, nylon ribbons and homemade offerings tied on with synthetic wool. Some older ones had already been blown to the ground in winter storms. Are we being mindful? What is the point of clearing plastic from the beach, if we then tie it to the fairy tree?

For the Children

I agree it is wonderful for the children, but then so is a planet to live on. But can’t we have both? Of course we can! I have some ideas. Let us begin by thinking what fairies are believed to be. The fair folk, the fae, elementals, were originally representations of the elements. Leprechauns, pixies, dwarves, elves, whatever their regional names represented the spirit or energy of earth, of air, of water, and sometimes fire, they were mischievous, but all, without exception, worked for the good of nature. They were known by the Romans as Genius Loci, spirit of place. For children it would be magical to explain that the lovely Duver is protected by these spirits and we can help them with their work in nature. If we respect nature, then sometimes there may be a reward. To request the help of the fairy tree, children maybe could collect some rubbish and put it in a bin as an ‘offering’, perhaps a bin by the tree for rubbish ‘offerings’ if Amey would venture that far!

They could also collect something from nature, a pebble, a shell, a twig, and place this by the tree as their offering and wish request. In this way they retain the magic of childhood but also learn to care about the world they live in.

As an adult of over 3 score years, I know I shouldn’t believe, but somehow it is lovely to keep an element of enchantment in your life no matter what your age is.

Anyone fancy being a secret guardian of the tree, it really appeals to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to secretly add to the magical experience of the children?

Please everyone help to spread the word, that the fairies living at the Duver Fairy Tree like natural and local offerings. They don’t like foreign flowers and plants either; they are already fighting balsam and knotweed elsewhere on the island!

Mindful Fairies makes mindful caring kids, and remember Sleeping Beauty, what better gift than mindfulness could they bring to a child’s life?

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