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A Shepherd and her flock

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This lovely picture was drawn our talented St Helens Artist Liz Fletcher.... thank you Liz, I love all our footwear xxx

This lovely piece was written by Sylvia and goes so well with the picture!

My vicar is a shepherd…..

And, no, she has not yet reached the dizzy heights of becoming a bishop with a symbolic crook- although she has still got time…! No, I mean a real shepherd with real sheep, in fact a flock of welsh mountain sheep, with their very own ram ,Brian, to keep them in order. Their pending arrival was the event of the week as preparations and excitement mounted! An area of the field needed fencing off; a firm base and shelter for the inclement weather; an electric fence to ensure no thieves or robbers get in to harm them, and keep them in and safely, away from them wandering on to the main road. It was definitely all go for the vicar and her family as there was digging ( yes with a real mechanical digger,and not just a spade); the hammering and banging of fence posts. The excitement and preparation has given the season of Advent real meaning.

We all know that the Bible is full of references to sheep and shepherds from David’s Psalm 23, with its description of A good shepherd to the culminating prophecy of the promise of the coming of Jesus THE Good Shepherd….but I had never seen a real shepherd at work. And then I saw my vicar tending her flock. with tender concern as she talked and reassured them; leading her flock of sheep from a muddy patch to fresh grass; I saw her feeding the sheep and finding new ways of moving them; I saw her using the natural leadership skills of Brian to lead the flock, who at times wandered off in different directions, and I saw her getting cold and wet to make sure they were okay.

Timid, sheep, bolshy sheep, stubborn sheep, - all different but she cared for them all equally – even bolshy Brian when she was too slow feeding him and he used his horns butting her to remind her to hurry up….! The apostle Peter reminded his listeners of the Bishops’ (and clergy role) of caring for the wandering sheep. This advent may we take seriously our role of caring for all God’s sheep ( and other creatures) remembering how much Jesus has done for us. A love so visibly demonstrated by my vicar in the care she shows to all of us her precious flock.

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