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The New Digger rebellion



* The New Diggers embody the rebellious inspiration of the Diggers from the time of the English revolution, who resisted the dominant culture of their time and took and manured the land for the common people in defiance of those who claimed to be their masters.

* The New Diggers take to the cultivation of the land as a resistance against the culture of consumerism that impoverishes the common people worldwide and in defiance of those who need our consumption.

* The New Diggers attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount and pledge to try and live in simplicity and with mindful awareness of our impact on others and the earth.

* The New Diggers are committed to non violence and to non resistance. We will withdraw our support for the capitalist machine while loving those who like us find it really hard to break the cycle of greed that has become our habitual life.

* The New Diggers read the bible as a collection of books containing ancient wisdom and housing the life and teachings of Jesus.

* The New Diggers are committed to the sharing of our talents and gifts by the inclusion of all ages in the acquisition of skills for life.

* The New Diggers are not exclusively followers of the Christian religion and respect the input of all faiths and none.

* The New Diggers recognise the worth of all people and are committed to active inclusion for those who are suffering, disabled or on the margins of society.

* The New Diggers attempt to incorporate the Sabbath into their lives and respect the fasting seasons of Advent and Lent, recognising that there is the need for Holy time.

* The New Diggers are not a membership organisation, a commune or a sect;  they are a free flowing collective, which is understood as a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. Their objective is to live lives of simplicity, low impact and joyful creation and in so doing share unconditional love and unrestricted welcome of God to all, in all that we do. And Seek Justice, Love Kindness and walk humbly with or God

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