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Download X3: Reunion PC Game 2005

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Download x3: Reunion PC Game 2005


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This page provides general information on the X3: Reunion videogame. As more information about the project appears, you will find here news, videos, screenshots, arts, interviews with developers and more. Perhaps you have stumbled on this page in search of download torrent X3: Reunion without registration or download X3: Reunion on high speed. provides only information about the games and no free download X3: Reunion.

X3: Reunion (X3: Reunion) is a space trading and combat simulation video game developed by Egosoft and published by Deep Silver. It is the third installment in the X universe adventure video game series and the sequel to X2: The Threat, which in turn followed X: Beyond the Frontier. X3: Reunion was released on October 28, 2005 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and on November 4, 2005 in North America. The X series is often compared to the classic Elite, in that these first-person space adventure games focus on trade and exploration, as well as combat.

X: Reunion (aka X3) is a video game published in 2005 on Windows by Enlight Software Ltd., Enlight Interactive Inc., Noviy Disk, Koch Media GmbH (Austria). It's an action and simulation game, set in a real-time, sci-fi / futuristic, trade and space flight themes, and was also released on Mac and Linux.

If you missed all the other entries in the series, X3 is space-sim game, featuring dog-fighting, trading, exploration, building and other space-game type stuff. The last entry in the series, X3: Reunion came out in 2005. It received many positve reviews as well as a fair share of critiscm. On the postive side of things, the game was praised for having a terrific amount of things you could do in a open-world environment, with well-done graphics; on the negative side, many said the game was realeased too early, and could have been more fun.

It was not until later that I would discover the full effect Quake III Arena had on the Linux ecosystem by downloading and playing the numerous derivative games created from the 2005 source code release available in almost all Linux software repositories. Even with all of those other options it was the original game I always found myself coming back to, with my main listed frag count now exceeding 21,000 frags as of the time of this writing.

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