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The LockBit gang, version 2.0, claims to have successfully hit Mandiant, but, CyberScoop and BleepingComputer both report, there seems to be nothing to those claims. Mandiant has seen no evidence of any successful attacks, and the purported evidence LockBit has been woofing seems to have been culled from earlier hits unrelated to Mandiant. Mandiant suggests an explanation for the imposture: "Based on the data that has been released, there are no indications that Mandiant data has been disclosed but rather the actor appears to be trying to disprove Mandiant's June 2nd, 2022 research blog on UNC2165 and LockBit." LockBit was especially exercised by Mandiant's association of the ransomware-as-a-service gang with Evil Corp, and by its suggestion that they operated in the interest of the Russian government. They're apolitical, says LockBit, and they've got affiliates all over the world.

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