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Anthology Official And Pack Mods For Blitzkrieg 1

Unofficial add-ons in retail boxes/cases developed by INtex Publishing GmbH & Co. KG.[19] INtex Publishing was also known for previously releasing several add-ons called Total War, II and Total Victory for the early Sudden Strike real-time strategy games between 2001 to 2002. The German developer built six different Total Challenge add-ons for the Blitzkrieg game, as well as the enhanced Director's Cut of the first two Total Challenge packs and several compilations. These Director's Cut editions improved upon the original with new textures, error corrections and some gameplay tweaks. Improvements of later editions in the Total Challenge series are also included such as improved line of sight and pathfinding. The series add-ons were released in Germany and sometimes in some other European markets, although, only the first Total Challenge title was released in retail form in English-language markets.[20] These add-ons were titled in the Russian markets as Mortal Combat, accompanied by the instalment number (eg. Mortal Combat, Mortal Combat 2 to 5).

Anthology Official and Pack Mods for Blitzkrieg 1



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