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Play FRAG Pro Shooter Old Version with MOD APK and Unlimited Money Feature

Your primary targeted aim in FRAG Pro Shooter is to quickly damage enemy targets as well as kill as numerous opponents as feasible to have high ratings. After the time is more than, the team with greater scores will win. If you are unfortunate enough to pass away, it's all right, you will rapidly revive at the base and also remain to engage in battle. As a first-person shooter game, yet the gameplay is fairly similar to Organization of Legends, so much fun is waiting on you.

frag pro shooter old version mod apk

FRAG actually isn't your typical shooter mod. Instead of playing the game with an actual gun, you play it with a laser target that is adjusted to find the crosshairs of the enemies. The object of the game is to shoot the red dot on the target. You can aim and fire without stopping, making FRAG more of a game of skill than luck.

Get ready to discover one of the best games in 2020! Play explosive 1*on*1 duels with players from around the world thanks to this amazing FPS designed for your phone. FRAG PRO SHOOTER is a free shooter by Oh BiBi.

This action-packed shooter game features amazing graphics, impressive gameplay, and innovative features that ensure you get the best experience possible. You can play alone or with a friend or team. The game also features 3rd person views and dynamic motion controls, as well as spectator mode that allows you to watch players in real time without the risk of lag. Moreover, the game has unlimited lives for each player.

FRAG is a fun and exciting game with its many different game modes and maps. The maps are attractive and colorful, with creative designs for fraggers. In addition, players can create their own clubs to fight in intense CLUB WARS. You can even share your content with other players or compete in contests.

Character Customisation in Frag Pro Shooter is possible through the use of cards. These cards are used to unlock new shooters. Players can create up to 3 different teams to try out different combinations. You can upgrade each shooter by unlocking the relevant card based on their level. The process of upgrading a shooter will cost you gold, which you earn through playing the game.

Latest version of this game is Frag pro shooter mod APK. You can customize your character, change color, change the entire character. You can make your character beautiful so that you can play with more joy.You have full liberty in choosing with which character you want to play. You can have diamonds which you spent on various items but there is a mystery which you definitely like most is the amount of diamond will never decrease but it continuously increases as your spending increases. There is a map which guides you in the direction where you are going or where you should go for shooting. You have to kill your enemies as much as you can. Because you will get rewarded by several prizes after killing the opponents. You can make your own club and customize it to your liking. By the use of Frag pro shooter Mod APK, you will definitely experience being a shooter as well as how to shoot.


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