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Dinesat Pro Radio 10 11: How to Create and Manage Your Music Programming

With vMIX you can create predetermined scenes, full screen, split screen of multiple cameras or videos, or picture in picture from different sources. Then DINESAT VISUAL RADIO will control vMIX selecting the best scenes for each moment according to assigned priorities.

dinesat pro radio 10 11

The radio station is divided into multiple windows, each of them has his or her own time and space, like the chapters in a book, to choose the best subjects, equipment or channels for each moment. The radio station can run in full screen or classic mode of windows on the screen.

With dinesat you can combine various image sources in order to paint a picture of the radio station as complete as possible, using effects that are part of Windows Media Player or filters like lights and contrast, the highlights of the program and includes additional effects such as bloom and simulation.

Radio sounds (mp3 format) are prepared and you can choose between mp3, ogg, wma or wav format. The radio station can be seen on full screen, split screen of multiple cameras or videos, or image in picture.

Download (free) Dineta Amarok radio to create radio stations with sounds that are completely professional. The radio station is divided into several panels on the screen, each of which is personalized to your taste, where the appearance, colors, sounds, and additional effects can be configured. There is also the possibility of configuring the level of "geo-localization" of the sounds. The program has automatic time signals, configurable to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. A huge number of sounds, you can even have external installations of live streaming of real sound channels. Sound tutorial, installation video and live streaming of professional radio stations of the Dineta Amarok group.


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