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Summarized experience in analyzing European football betting odds you should know

European football always brings viewers prestigious, high-quality, and classy tournaments. With strong teams, super classic matches, and of course, attractive betting opportunities. To increase your chances of winning when participating in European football betting, analyzing the odds is extremely important and accounts for over 70% of the winning rate. Let's explore in detail the most accurate European football betting analysis experiences and strategies with the leading bookmaker - bet win tips!

European football

What effective experiences are there for analyzing European football betting odds?

Understanding European football betting odds

In addition to the two Asian handicap and over/under odds, European football betting odds are also one of the three most popular and favorite forms of football betting today. When participating in European football betting, players need to predict which team is strong and which team is weak in a match. Accordingly, you will place bets on one of the three options that the bookmaker has provided: Win, Lose, or Draw.

Basically, European odds are much simpler to play than Asian handicap odds. However, because this type of odds offers too few betting options for players to choose from, European odds have fewer directions for betting. This makes it difficult for players to place bets.

However, if you take some time to learn and master the skills of European football betting, you will grasp over 70% of the winning rate. High risk rates also mean extremely attractive rewards. Therefore, to conquer European odds, you need to truly invest in learning how to play to receive valuable rewards.

Guide on how to read European football betting odds in detail for newcomers

When participating in European betting odds at online bookmaker offers, players will often encounter the term 1×2 betting. This is another name for European odds, and you must understand the meaning of each symbol and how to read the odds most accurately

Specifically, the term 1×2 can be understood as follows:

The number 1 is used to indicate the home team, and you will place bets on this option when predicting that the home team will win.

The number 2 is used to indicate the away team, and you will place bets on this option when predicting that the away team will win.

The symbol "x" indicates a Draw, and in the event of a draw between the two teams, you will win the bet if you place money on this option.

In addition, European football betting odds have two main types of betting odds, including:

FT.1×2 odds: Placing 1×2 European odds bets for the entire match.

1H.1×2 odds: Placing 1×2 European odds bets only for the first half of the match.

European football

How to read European betting odds most accurately

Accurate European football betting analysis experience for newcomers

As you know, European football betting odds will have three betting options for players to choose from. Therefore, the winning rate for each player's bet will only be 33.33%. For experienced bettors, this is a stable rate to participate in betting.

However, for newcomers to increase their chances of winning when participating in European odds, you need to grasp the secrets of sure-win betting from professional experts such as:

Choose a reasonable time to analyze European football betting odds

Before any football match takes place, reputable bookmakers or football betting websites like Wintips will continuously update information related to that match. These are information such as match time, venue, betting odds, the form of both teams, and analysis articles. This will be extremely important data that players need to grasp to analyze European odds.

Usually, articles analyzing football betting odds can be posted from 1 month to a few hours before the match starts. However, to get the most accurate and timely information, you should follow articles posted closest to the match time. The closer the post, the higher the accuracy, and the more beneficial the information will be for your betting process.

Master the rules of analyzing European football betting odds

Not only European odds, but when participating in any type of football betting odds, players also need to understand the rules of that betting odds. European odds are the amount of money that reputable European bookmakers offer for each football match.

European football

Master the rules before analyzing European betting odds

betting sites greece will conduct research and predict the final result of the match several days in advance. From these numbers, bookmakers will offer live betting odds for each betting option to attract players to one betting option for high profits.

With this article, Wintips has shared with you the basic knowledge and European football betting analysis experiences. Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding of this type of betting odds. Wish you good luck and lots of success!


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