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The Larder and LOAF

We wanted to be able to source the basic foods we are unable to grow and be absolutely sure that they were Local, Organic, Animal friendly and Fairtrade. We also wanted a short supply chain so that we could be in solidarity with farmers around the world and ensure that they maximized their profits and could protect their part of our fragile shared enviroment.

The Larder Buying group

The Larder at Level land is an opportunity for members to source Organic and Fairtrade ingredients. We endeavor to stock the basics avoiding consumer fads and deliberately limiting our choices. From flour, rice, pasta to salt, sugar and teabags you are invited to take what you need and make a note of it so that we can all reimburse the larder at the end of the month and new stock can be bought. We also have a range of refills and kitchen and bathroom essentials so you may never need to go to the supermarket again!


To find out more about our refills and buying group

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